What Do You Think About Behind The Wheel?

We all know that our mind can wander when we’re behind the wheel, but what do you think about when you’re driving?

New research from The AA has found that just 30 per cent of drivers think about nothing but driving while they’re in the car. One of the things that most of us worry about while on a journey is arriving on time, with 49 per cent of us admitting we focus on this while we’re driving.

Other topics that our mind wanders to are work, planning for the future, money and life admin. We also worry about car admin while we’re behind the wheel, so make sure you always know when your MOT in Uxbridge is due to take this stress out of your life.

Another thing we worry about while driving is breaking down, so it’s also advisable to make sure you always get your car serviced regularly, and that you have breakdown cover so that you can get assistance if this should happen.

AA President Edmund King commented: “Of course it’s important that drivers focus on the task in hand and pay attention to the road, but our research shows how cars can provide a haven for drivers from their busy lives.”

Interestingly, those over the age of 65 found it easiest to only focus on driving and navigation, with 45 per cent of this age group stating that their mind is focused when they’re behind the wheel. This is compared to 14 per cent of 18 to 24 year olds.

It’s also important to remember that driving does make you sleepy. New research published earlier this year found that the physical vibrations of a vehicle can induce drowsiness and affect concentration after just 15 minutes.


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