Top Tips To Cut Your Fuel Consumption

If you’re a driver it won’t have escaped your notice that prices at petrol pumps around the UK have been on an upward trajectory for well over a month.

In fact, the latest data from The AA showed that the price per litre of both unleaded and diesel fuel climbed by 4.1p in May, with unleaded now averaging 125.5p/litre and diesel averaging 128.3p/litre.

Cash-strapped drivers may therefore be looking for ways of reducing their fuel consumption, and Cornwall Live highlighted a host of tips suggested by the RAC.

One of the main things to remember is to get your vehicle serviced regularly. Car servicing in Hillingdon, or wherever you live, will mean your motor runs as efficiently as possible, which improves its fuel consumption.

When it comes to your own driving, there are a few things you can do. A top tip is to drive at the lowest speed you can but in the highest possible gear. Travelling at a consistent speed, as far as possible, is also important.

Slowing down and accelerating repeatedly isn’t good for your fuel economy, so avoid this as much as you can. Obviously, traffic flow dictates how often you need to slow down, so if possible try to plan journeys outside of peak times.

Another thing to consider is whether you can do one journey, rather than breaking it up into several short ones. A warm engine runs more efficiently than one starting cold, so if you can make multiple stops in a single journey, rather than doing lots of short drives, you’ll have better fuel consumption.


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