The Heatwave Isn’t Done With Us Yet, Apparently!

If you spend a lot of time driving around and about, whether for work or pleasure, it might be wise to take your vehicle to your local Uxbridge garage for air con servicing as it seems that the mercury is set to rise yet again… so expect lots more hot weather before autumn rolls around.

Met Office forecaster Alex Deakin explained that although this week will see a few showers here and there, the majority of the country will remain dry… but we can expect good conditions on Thursday and going into Friday it’s looking like it’s going to be hot.

He was quoted by the Daily Express as saying: “For most it is another fine day on Thursday and if anything temperatures are back on the rise and as we go into Friday and the start of the weekend temperatures are set to soar.

“There will be cloud and a bit of patchy rain across northern Britain but not a great deal of rain to come. As I said temperatures are back up to 30 degrees C in places on Friday.”

The majority of cars do come with air conditioning these days and you need to keep it in good working order by having it maintained every two years at least. When the hot weather hits, there’s nothing worse than being stuck in a boiling car with air con that doesn’t work – imagine the frustration!

You should have your A/C recharged every two years and the pollen/cabin filter changed annually. Your receiver driver should also be replaced every three years.


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