• Quarter Of All Fatal Car Accidents Caused By Tired Drivers

    As much as 25 per cent of all fatal car accidents occur as a result of drivers falling asleep at the wheel, with tired motorists the cause of 53 deaths on the road and 351 serious crashes in 2017. AA Charitable Trust revealed this sobering data ahead of a nationwide campaign to remind drivers of

  • Will Your Family Car Be Incompatible With E10?

    You might well have heard of the new E10 fuel that is now being sold alongside the traditional offerings of unleaded petrol and diesel in some parts of the world… but it’s possible that the car you currently have may well be incompatible with this new biofuel and using it could actually damage its engine.

  • Top Tips To Cut Your Fuel Consumption

    If you’re a driver it won’t have escaped your notice that prices at petrol pumps around the UK have been on an upward trajectory for well over a month. In fact, the latest data from The AA showed that the price per litre of both unleaded and diesel fuel climbed by 4.1p in May, with

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