• Sleep Suit ‘Emulates Effect Of Driving While Tired’

    If you start to feel tired while driving, you may think that you’ll be fine, but you could soon be needing bodywork repairs for your car in Uxbridge, as you’re far more prone to an accident. It’s hard to comprehend the effect that tiredness can have on your concentration and body, as you’re less able

  • Mercedes GLE Drivers ‘Most Likely To Break Speed Limits’

    Drivers with fast cars may find it hard to resist the urge to experience the engine’s full power. However, they should always remain mindful of the speed limit of the road they are using. This is something owners of Mercedes GLE cars, in particular, should remember, as this model has been named the vehicle most

  • Do You Know The Driving Laws Around Smart Watches?

    Smart watches may be a relatively new piece of technology to enter our lives, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t covered by our driving laws. In fact, the Express recently reported that drivers could receive hefty fines if they’re caught using their smart watches while behind the wheel. The newspaper revealed that these pieces of

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