Sleep Suit ‘Emulates Effect Of Driving While Tired’

If you start to feel tired while driving, you may think that you’ll be fine, but you could soon be needing bodywork repairs for your car in Uxbridge, as you’re far more prone to an accident. It’s hard to comprehend the effect that tiredness can have on your concentration and body, as you’re less able to be subjective about it in that moment, however a new ‘sleep suit’ has been created which highlights just what the dangers are of driving while drowsy.

According to the European Commission, fatigue plays a major role in between 10 and 25 per cent of all road accidents each year, and it’s believed that getting behind the wheel with six hours sleep or less could represent the same dangers as being over the drink drive limit, according to the Telegraph.

The sleep suit, commissioned by Ford, is made up of a series of weights, which fit all around the body, making movement much more sluggish. Not only does this feel heavy on the body, it also impairs you ability to predict how fast you are able to move – replicating the effect of your body suffering from fatigue.

Alongside the suit, you also have to wear a special pair of goggles – they are similar to cycling goggles except that they go blank intermittently, as dictated by an accompanying app. This recreates micro sleeps, where the body shuts down for as much as 10 seconds, with the driver unaware that they’ve even fallen asleep.

Ford hopes to use the suit as part of its Driving Skills For Life, free driving lessons it offers new drivers between the ages of 17 and 24, to educate them about the dangers of driving when tired.


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