One In Four Drivers Crash New Car

When you buy a new car, you’re probably excited to get behind the wheel and take your new motor for a spin.

But drivers should be cautious, after a survey revealed that many people are involved in accidents shortly after purchasing a new vehicle.

Motoring Research shared the findings of an Admiral Insurance survey, which revealed that one in four new car drivers are involved in an accident shortly after collecting their new auto.

In fact, new car drivers are 21 per cent more likely to be involved in a crash than those who have been driving their motors for 12 months or longer, the insurer found.

There are certain kinds of accidents that people with new cars are more likely to be involved in, and top of the list is a collision in a car park. Making up the rest of the top five are hitting a bollard while parking, hitting a post, hitting a wall or hitting an animal.

If your new car is a substantially different size to your old model, it’s easy to see how you could misjudge a parking space or gap and scrape or dent your car’s bodywork.

Head of claims at Admiral Laura Connelly commented: “It doesn’t matter whether you’ve just passed your driving test or have been driving for some time, the likelihood of having an accident increases when you change car.”

She advised drivers to take their time when getting used to a new vehicle. If you do dent your car – new or existing – you can take it for bodywork repairs in Hillingdon to make it look as good as new.

The Express recently offered drivers advice on how to reduce their fuel consumption, given that prices at the pumps keep rising. Looking at your driving habits, such as how fast you accelerate and how often you change up a gear, could help you get more out of a full tank of fuel.


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