Mercedes GLE Drivers ‘Most Likely To Break Speed Limits’

Drivers with fast cars may find it hard to resist the urge to experience the engine’s full power. However, they should always remain mindful of the speed limit of the road they are using.

This is something owners of Mercedes GLE cars, in particular, should remember, as this model has been named the vehicle most likely to be involved in a speeding offence.

Using data from more than six million motorists, Admiral Insurance revealed the top ten car models in speeding convictions, with the Porsche Panamera taking second place, the Mercedes AMG being given third place, the Aston Martin Vantage fourth place, and the Mini John Cooper fifth place.

In addition to this, it reported that locksmiths are most likely to break speed limits out of any profession, followed by offshore rig workers and creative directors.

Last year, professional footballers were the biggest speeding culprits, but they have dropped to seventh position since 2017.

Sabine Williams, head of motor at the insurance provider, reminded drivers: “Motoring convictions carry a fine as well as points on the license, and in addition will lead to higher insurance premiums.”

She also noted that those who have previous driving convictions are “more likely to be involved in an accident” on the road.

Indeed, accidents are more common than expected, according to another recent report from Admiral Insurance.

It found that one in four drivers are involved in a crash when driving a new car and many end up needing bodywork repairs in Uxbridge on their motor.

Despite regular warnings to stay safe when driving, British motorists cannot seem to resist driving fast, as speeding was responsible for five out of ten of the most common road convictions.


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