Have You Damaged Your Car On A Speed Bump?

If the answer to that question is yes, then you certainly wouldn’t be alone. In fact, the RAC recently shared research from Confused.com, which revealed that more than one-fifth of UK motorists claim to have damaged their car on a speed bump.

The most common damage caused was to tyres, which 48 per cent of people reported. However, 33 per cent said that they’d damaged their suspension. In total, the organisation found that motorists pay an average of £141 to fix speed bump-related problems.

But it’s not just motorists who are counting the cost. Local councils across the UK have forked out around £35,000 in compensation claims between 2015 and 2017.

That said, for some drivers it’s their own fault, with one-fifth admitting that they didn’t slow down to drive over speed bumps.

According to the RAC, failing to slow down for these traffic calming measures is the main reason that damage is done to the underside of vehicles.

There are some initiatives, such as ‘virtual’ speed bumps in London and a ghost roundabout in Cambridge, which are being used as a replacement for traditional sleeping policemen.

If you damage your car, make sure you know where you can go to get new tyres in Uxbridge.

You might want to be particularly careful if you’re driving around in a new car, after research released by Admiral Insurance recently found that one in four new car drivers are involved in an accident of some kind shortly after picking up their new motor.

A collision in a car park was the most common kind of accident these drivers are involved with, the survey revealed.


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