Driving ‘Actively Makes You Sleepy’, Finds Study

There’s a lot of boring, but necessary admin that comes with driving – something you’ll know when you have to sit in a MOT garage in Uxbridge every year to keep your car on the road. But, it seems that all this paperwork isn’t the only yawn that comes with driving – driving itself actually can make you sleepy according to new research.

You might be thinking ‘tell me something I don’t know’: and it’s true that, of course, you can get tired after concentrating for long periods of time, however, this new research has discovered some of the science on why driving might be sending you off to sleep.

According to BT, the physical vibrations of a car can affect concentration and induce drowsiness just 15 minutes into a drive. Researchers from RMIT University in Australia said that their findings were particularly important as tiredness is a contributing factor in 20 per cent of road accidents in the UK in 2015 alone.

Professor Stephen Robinson, from RMIT’s department of Psychology, said: that low frequency vibrations can cause drowsiness even in people who are well-rested:

“From 15 minutes of getting in the car, drowsiness has already begun to take hold. In half an hour, it’s making a significant impact on your ability to stay concentrated and alert,” he said.

The researchers hope that the car industry will take notice, and consider looking at car seats which mitigate vibrations from the road in future models, helping to reduce the effect and subsequent accidents occurring.


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