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Do You Use Traffic As An Excuse For Being Late?

Some people think there is no excuse for being late, but for many, traffic or a faulty car is a justifiable reason for tardiness. Therefore, it is hardly surprising that a huge number of Brits blame their car for not turning up to appointments on time – even it is not true.

More than half of drivers (51 per cent) have confessed to telling a lie about being late for work or a social event in the past, not wanting to admit to colleagues, bosses, friends or family that the reason they did not arrive on time is simply because they did not get their act together.

For those who do come up with an excuse, the majority have blamed fake traffic jams for the reason behind their tardy behaviour, according to answers in the AA-Populus poll of more than 20,500 drivers.

It showed 32 per cent of motorists have accused road congestion for their lateness, while one in ten have made up a road closure or diversion that simply was not there. Almost the same proportion (nine per cent) have lied about their car not starting, and six per cent have told their peers their lateness was the fault of a phantom flat tyre.

Of course, motorists who regular go for car servicing in Uxbridge and know their vehicle is in top condition will find it harder to shift the blame on to their automobile – particularly if the people they are lying to are aware of how well they maintain their transport too.

Indeed, by getting your car checked frequently, you can be confident this will not be the actual reason why you turn up late. While this is excellent news if you really do not want to miss an important function, it means you have one less excuse at your disposal if you are simply a tardy person.

Edmund King, president of the AA, said no-one would be surprised if you started accusing congestion for being late, as “heavy traffic and roadworks are such common features on our roads”.

So it might be easier to stick to blaming long road queues instead of faulty car maintenance if you do find yourself running behind.

He went on to say that blaming car problems is so popular among Brits that “congestion and diversions are more likely to be blamed for lateness than childcare issues, illness or oversleeping”.

Londoners are the worst at fibbing about falling behind schedule, according to the poll, with 57 per cent admitting they have made up an excuse about being late before.

However, this is not surprising given recent findings from the Trades Union Congress, which revealed those living in the capital take 23 minutes longer to get to and from work a day than the typical Brit.

Its latest report stated that Londoners commuted for one hour and 21 minutes a day in 2017, while the average figure was 58.4 minutes. Wherever you are in the UK, you are likely to be spending more time travelling than you did ten years ago, as daily journey times have increased by nearly five minutes since 2007, totally an extra 18 hours a year.


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