Do You Know The Driving Laws Around Smart Watches?

Smart watches may be a relatively new piece of technology to enter our lives, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t covered by our driving laws.

In fact, the Express recently reported that drivers could receive hefty fines if they’re caught using their smart watches while behind the wheel.

The newspaper revealed that these pieces of wearable tech fall under the same rules as mobile phones, which means that anyone using a smart watch while they’re driving could pick up a £200 fine and get six points on their licence.

Driving safety charity Brake has urged drivers to make sure they never use their smart watches while driving, and that they understand that they can be just as distracting as a mobile phone.

Earlier this month the BBC reported on a case in Canada, where student Victoria Ambrose was fined $400 (£230) for using her Apple smart watch while stopped at traffic lights.

Although Ms Ambrose claimed that she looked at her watch to check the time, the judge in the case deemed a smart watch as distracting as a mobile phone and upheld the fine that she was issued with for being in breach of Ontario’s distracted driving law

With more and more people investing in smart pieces of wearable technology, it’s increasingly likely that motorists will not only receive penalties for using them behind the wheel, but that they could distract a driver and cause an accident.

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