Commuters Losing 10 Days A Year

Commuters who drive in rush-hour traffic into the UK’s cities are losing an average of ten days each year stuck in queues.

Car Keys reported on the new research from Admiral, which compared the length of time it took to complete a journey into 13 UK cities for an arrival time of 9am Monday morning to how long it took to make the same drive on a Sunday morning.

Unsurprisingly, London was the worst of the cities surveyed, with drivers spending an average of three times longer on a journey when travelling at rush hour, compared to a quieter time of the day. That equates to 17 days each year.

Manchester, Bristol, Glasgow and Birmingham made up the top five of the worst cities for congestion, while Leeds came out best in the 13 cities surveyed.

If you know you’ll be spending more time in your car, particularly now the weather is getting warmer, you may want to book air con servicing in Hillingdon so that you can stay cool without having to open windows and let in all the exhaust fumes from the traffic.

Commuting doesn’t just cost drivers time and money – according to new research it can also be bad for our mental health.

The study, conducted by VitalityHealth with the University of Cambridge, RAND Europe and Mercer, revealed that those who have to commute for longer than 30 minutes each day are 33 per cent more likely to be depressed than those with shorter journeys to work.

In addition, those who commute for less than half an hour gain an extra seven days worth of productive time each year, compared to those who have to travel for longer than an hour to get to work.


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