State Of UK Roads ‘Concerning’ To Drivers Over 50

The state of the roads in the UK is proving to be something of an issue for drivers over the age of 50, it would seem, with a new Saga Car Insurance study revealing that eight out of ten think roads aren’t maintained as well as they used to be.

In addition, eight out of ten drivers say they believe the roads to be in a bad state of repair, with the worst places for this found to be Scotland, the north-west, the south-east, the south-west and East Anglia.

Saga’s Paul Green said: “We know that around nine out of ten over-50s regularly drive so they have a great insight into the state of the UK’s roads and they have clearly told us they think not enough is being done to maintain them. Often with potholes it is the hidden damage that can cost drivers dear, it’s well worth getting your car thoroughly checked out to ensure that all damage is repaired as soon as possible.”

Potholes are becoming a serious issue here in the UK and no doubt you’ve noticed that they’re getting worse in your local area and beyond. Previous research from the RAC found that the state of local roads and the maintenance of them is the top concern for motorists, with 14 per cent saying it worries them the most while driving.

If you do see a pothole and are concerned about the damage it could do to your car or someone else’s, make sure you report it to your local council.

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