• State Of UK Roads ‘Concerning’ To Drivers Over 50

    The state of the roads in the UK is proving to be something of an issue for drivers over the age of 50, it would seem, with a new Saga Car Insurance study revealing that eight out of ten think roads aren’t maintained as well as they used to be. In addition, eight out of

  • What To Do If Your Car Radiator Leaks

    Every car has a radiator in it. This helps to keep the engine cool and is a vital part of the cooling system of your car. When the engine is turned on and running, a huge amount of heat is generated. While most of this escapes through the exhaust, some of it will sit in

  • Pothole Breakdowns ‘On The Rise’

    One of the biggest problems drivers have to contend with while on the roads in terms of potential damage to their vehicles has to be potholes. Councils are often criticised for being slow to fix the holes in the road – and now the latest RAC Pothole Index has revealed that between October and December

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