Younger People ‘Lacking Basic Mechanical Knowledge’

Younger drivers don’t have the practical knowledge to carry out many basic car maintenance tasks, new research has found.

A poll of 2,000 drivers for TV show Flipping Bangers found that just 27 per cent of those aged 18 to 23, who are part of the millennial generation, felt that they could change a car tyre. By contrast, nearly half of those aged 36 or over felt they could carry out this task unaided.

Other maintenance tasks that millennials admitted they’d struggle with included opening the bonnet of their car or checking and topping up its oil.

Due to this lack of knowledge, 63 per cent of millennials have never attempted to repair or modify a vehicle they’ve owned. They could, however, benefit from basic car maintenance training in Uxbridge to ensure they have some skills to help keep their motor in good condition.

Gus Gregory, one of the hosts of the show, commented: “It seems under-35s are the least equipped to deal with basic issues and repairs such as changing a tyre or replacing a windscreen wiper.”

He continued: “We think it’s a good idea for everyone, no matter what age, to learn the basic principles of car maintenance.”

With new MOT rules coming into effect from 20 May, which will see garages look at other elements of car maintenance in addition to what’s already covered by the road safety certificate, there’s no better time to improve your skills in this area.

Among the things that testers will be looking out for are obviously under-inflated tyres and whether there are any brake pad warning lights.

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