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What You Need To Know About New MOT Testing Rules

The majority of drivers in the UK should now be aware that new testing rules relating to the MOT are being introduced this May. However, have you looked in detail at the changes and what, as a driver, do you need to know?

If you are booking an MOT in Uxbridge after 20 May, your vehicle will be tested according to the new standards. Your garage can explain things to you, but it never hurts to be prepared.

One of the biggest changes to be aware of, according to the Metro, is the new certificates that will classify faults into one of three categories: dangerous, major and minor. If your car has any dangerous or major faults it will fail. Minor problems should be fixed as soon as possible. There will still be advisories as under the current system – things that you need to monitor.

The newspaper also pointed out that there will be some new tests introduced to the current MOT. That means drivers should pay attention to some additional things on their vehicle before taking it for its annual inspection.

Among the additions are looking at whether the tyres are obviously under inflated, whether the brake fluid has been contaminated, and brake pad warning lights and whether brake pads are missing.

Earlier this month, Kwik Fit warned that March would be an incredibly busy month for garages around the UK, with almost half a million new cars due their first MOT this month. The organisation recommended that drivers who need to book their annual vehicle test do so in good time to avoid being unable to get a space.


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