UK Road Fatalities Increase In 2016

The latest statistics from the Department for Transport have revealed that the number of deaths in road accidents increased by four per cent in 2016, compared to a year earlier.

In addition, the figures showed that the number of car occupants who died climbed by eight per cent, while the number of pedestrian deaths were up by ten per cent year-on-year.

Motoring organisations and road safety charities are calling for action to be taken to improve safety across the UK’s roads following the latest data, which puts fatalities at a five-year high.

Director of policy and research at road safety charity IAM Roadsmart Neil Greig stressed that six years without progress on reducing casualty numbers is long enough.

“We have a complex picture of good news such as safer cars and investment in new roads, being cancelled out by more traffic and a hard core of human behaviour issues that are most difficult to tackle,” he asserted.

Meanwhile, charity Brake has made a number of recommendations on how to reduce the figures, including introducing a graduated licensing system for new drivers and a review of speed limits on rural roads.

Drivers also need to make sure they take responsibility for keeping their car in top condition, part of which involves booking it for its annual MOT and service in good time. Regular car servicing in Uxbridge will ensure you pick up any potential safety issues as they arise, protecting you and any other occupants of your vehicle, as well as other road users

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