Take Care If Driving North This January

If you are planning a long car journey north this January then make sure you arrange for car servicing at your Uxbridge garage because the weather is causing havoc for road users in the North of England and Scotland.

The Daily Telegraph reports that the Met Office has issued fresh weather warnings aimed at drivers after more than 200 people were trapped in their cars and HGVs overnight amid treacherous road conditions on the road to Scotland.

The situation was so bad that mountain rescue teams were called to assist drivers who were stuck in their vehicles for up to 11 hours on the M74 from Gretna Green to Glasgow.

The new Met Office amber weather warning advises drivers that disruption is likely and there is a risk of stranded vehicles as fresh snow is likely across the region with some areas expecting snowfall up to 20cm deep.

Confused.com recommends all motorists embarking on a long wintery drive get their car serviced to ensure simple issues don’t disrupt your journey or force you to stop your car somewhere remote while you wait for help.

In addition, it is good advice to check you car tyres are in roadworthy condition, especially tyre pressure and tread depth, which could prevent nasty accidents in icy weather.

Moreover, check your windscreen wipers and headlamps are all clean and ensure your screen washer fluid is topped up with antifreeze.

Finally, before you embark on your journey, make sure your car engine coolant is topped up generously with antifreeze.

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