Squirrel Buries Acorn Stash Under Car Bonnet!

In all our time providing the best car servicing Uxbridge has to offer, we’ve never come across a case quite as bizarre as this, but according to the Sun, the cause of one driver’s car problems was thanks to a squirrel.

Andrew Wilkins returned from a five week holiday to find he was having some problems changing gear in his VW Golf. Taking it to his garage, Andrew opened the glovebox compartment when something unexpected fell out. Acorns. in fact, Andrew’s glovebox was full of them.

The mechanics gathered round and were soon having a laugh at what they found. Not only was the glovebox full of acorns, but squirrels had also stuffed his gearbox full of them too, explaining his trouble in changing gears.

Slightly more sinister was the dead rat in the sound proofing system, which had perhaps entered the car trying to find the squirrels stash before becoming trapped.

The 25 year old estate agent had parked his car on a quiet road near Gatwick Airport, perhaps trying to dodge expensive car parking charges for his five week trip. However, with a £168 cost for removing the nuts and rat from the system, it didn’t work out quite so cheap.

If you are planning on leaving your car for a month or so, there are some things you can do to make sure it’s happy to see you when you return. Leaving in a covered garage, or with a cover on, can help protect from extended exposure to the elements. Remove any onboard devices which may drain battery life, and you may want to invest in a low cost battery charger. Make sure you check tyre pressure before starting to use your car again.

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