Speeding Leads To 20,000 Casualties A Year

Drivers are not taking enough care on the roads as recent research has shown that 20,000 people are injured a year due to speeding accidents.

Car servicing in Hillingdon can ensure vehicles are in the best condition. However, the responsibility lies with the motorist when it comes to driving too fast and ignoring speed limits on the road.

Direct Line has published findings that showed 97,256 casualties were caused with speeding as a contributing factor between 2012 and 2016. This amounts to 53 people being injured because of speeding accidents every day.

Rob Miles, director of car insurance at the firm, said: “It stands to reason that the greater the speed at which you are travelling, the less time you have to react in an emergency.”

He told Brits to modify their driving depending on the conditions, road type and visibility; recommended leaving sufficient space between cars for a safe stopping distance; and reminded drivers to watch their speed limit when in newer vehicles as they might not realise how fast they are going.

Cars are the main reason for speeding accidents at 77 per cent, while motorcycles are the second biggest cause at 14 per cent.

Speeding is also one of the major sources of traffic accidents in Britain, accounting for 11 per cent of all road incidents over the last five years. As much as 23 per cent of these are classified as ‘serious’ and have resulted in 17,636 serious injuries or even deaths.

The findings do not just count those who are breaking speeding limits, but also motorists who are driving too fast for the conditions. Recent research from Co-op Insurance found there was a 57 per cent increase in the number of accidents on February 28th when the UK experienced extremely heavy snow compared with the week before.

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