Servicing your car to your needs…

At Courtwoods we have a service menu specifically designed according to your needs and the usage of your car.

Which service is right for you ? Inspection 1 Inspection 2 Service 3 Service 4 Service 5
  £49.99 £74.99 £149.99 £189.99 £249.99
4 Point light check          
Headlight aim, operation of lights, condition of lights, check electrical function          
4 Point wiper check          
Operation of wiper, condition of wiper and align washers, how they clean the screen          
18 Point under bonnet check          
Check condition, concentration and levels for brake fluid, anti freeze, engine oil, screen wash, air leaks, fuel leaks, oil leaks, coolant leaks, condition of breather and coolant hoses.          
5 Point wheel & tyre check          
Check tyre tread, pressures, wear, condition, check wheel          
10 Point Internal function Check          
Check dash lights, seat belts, handbrake, a/c, heating, dash switches, gauges, door locks and windows switches, seat adjustments          
8 Point Front Brake Check          
Check front pads and discs, thickness of discs and condition, wear and thickness of pads, same for rear if pads and discs too. Condition and wear Brake hoses and Brake pipes          
7 Point Rear Brake Check        
If vehicle has drums, check condition of drums, wear and condition of brake shoes, check for leaks in wheel cylinders and check condition of handbrake cable. Condition and Wear of brake hoses and brake pipes
6 Point Suspension Check          
Check for condition and movement of ball joints and bushes, mountings, springs and shocks absorbers          
5 Point Drive Systems Check  
Check CV gaitors for leaks and security, driveshaft for oil leaks, check wheel bearings  
8 Steering Check  
Check track rods, steering arms, bushes and joints for wear and condition  
10 Point underneath Car  
Check exhaust wear, condition and leaks, check fuel lines for leaks and corrosion, oil leaks engine and gearbox, check under shields and heat shields, mountings          
Complete scan of the engine ECU  
Change Oil Filter      
Change Engine Oil      
For Engine Sizes up to 1.6cc and up to 4 .5 Litre engine      
Engine Flush  
Recommended annually for any mileage charged at £15 Free in a full service  
Change Pollen Filter    
Pollen filter charged at extra cost if it is not accessible: service price may vary    
Change Air Filter  
Change Fuel Filter  
Most Fuel filters are in the tank for petrol cars, will be changed if recommended or required and changed in diesel cars too  
Change Spark Plugs  
Only changed if due, excludes platinum and iridium spark plugs  
Collection & Delivery        
Free up to 5 Mile Radius        
MOT £40 25% Off 50% Off 75% Off 100% Off
Top up of Consumables          
Free on Services 3, 4 & 5 and chargeable on 1 & 2          
7 Point Road Test          
Check Steering alignment, Clutch wear, general performance, rattles and knocks and brake pull and brakes          

*If your car is 2lt and above, please call to get an estimate. Prices can vary depending on engine capacity, oil capacity and grade of oil.

The Extras

Any additional work found on any of the service plans above is at extra cost

  • Repairs
  • Recommendations
  • Investigations
  • To remove, clean and adjust rear brakes
  • Engine Flush additional £15.00 and recommended service 3 & 4 or if vehicle serviced after 18 months or more
  • Spark Plugs only if petrol and up to vehicles 1.6 4 cylinder
  • Fuel Filter, if petrol some filters are fitted in tank and not required to change
  • Collection & Delivery, free in a 3 mile radius anything outside is £10
  • Top up of Consumables, at extra cost in service plan 1 & 2 and free in 3, 4 & 5
  • All Prices above are for vehicles that are 1.6 and up to 4 cylinders.
  • Some serviceable items air filter, fuel filter, spark plugs and pollen may require extra time to fit on some manufacturers this will be charged at extra cost
  • Any additional costs will be pre authorised by you first before any work is commenced.
  • Please be aware that a service or an inspection is not a cure for an ongoing or new problem. They inform you of the current condition of your car at the time of service or inspection.  Future mechanical repairs will be highlighted if visible.
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