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Could Your Number Plate Fail Your MOT?

When you’re getting ready to take your car for its MOT in Uxbridge, you’ll probably do some basic checks to make sure it doesn’t fail on anything obvious, like a blown headlight bulb or worn tyres. But do you check your number plate?

According to personalised number plate company Regtransfers, 15,000 of us got caught out with registration plate-related offences in the past three years, and one of these mistakes could see you fail your MOT.

Common offences include using the wrong colours on a number plate – they should always have black characters on a white background on the front of your car, and black characters on a yellow background on the back – and having the wrong spacing between the characters.

Putting stickers on your number plate, or having a non-plain background can also land you with a fine, as can using the wrong font.

The research carried out by the company also revealed that BMW drivers are the most likely to get caught with an illegal number plate, with this make of vehicle accounting for 13 per cent of all such offences in the past three years.

The company also warned drivers of the consequences of not sticking to the rules, which include a fine of up to £1,000, losing your personalised registration number, and failing your MOT.

Last year, the Sun newspaper warned drivers that if they put their current vehicle in for its MOT before its current certificate expires and it fails, this will invalidate their existing MOT. According to the publication, drivers have received fines and points on their licenses because they mistakenly believed they could continue to drive their car until the old MOT expired.

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