New Diesel Car Taxes Come Into Force

The best car servicing Uxbridge has to offer can’t save you from the new diesel car taxes which will see some motorists face taxes of up to £500 more than they paid last year.

The new car taxes will come into force at the beginning of April and yet, nine out of ten drivers don’t really understand them, a survey of drivers revealed.

Amanda Stretton, motoring editor at said: ‘Drivers are clearly confused about the messaging around diesel vehicles. It’s no wonder motorists are not up to speed with the latest laws,

‘As we head towards 2040, when the sale of new diesel and petrol vehicles will be banned, we expect drivers will see numerous incentives and penalties being introduced.

‘Whether such measures will encourage take up of more environmentally friendly car-types remains to be seen.’

From April, all newly-registered diesel cars will attract a higher rate of tax in an effort by the Government to deter motorists from buying them due to the highly polluting effect they have.

Some cars tax will only increase by £20 from April, but large cars such as premium SUVs that produce between 191 and 225g/km CO2 will see their tax raised from £1,500 to £2,000.

The moves were announced due to the scandal that broke a couple of years ago, which revealed that Volkswagen had not published the true rate of pollution caused by vehicles that run on diesel. There are currently major pollution problems in all major UK and European cities that are thought to be largely caused by vehicle use.

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