Multiple Cars Damaged By Vandals In Underground Car Park

Whenever you park your car in a public place, you have to cross your fingers and hope that nothing happens to it. Unfortunately, vandalism is still rife around the UK where cars are concerned, as evidenced by this latest news report in the Hillingdon & Uxbridge Times.

According to the news report, at least 12 cars have been damaged by vandals who targeted vehicles left in an underground car park at Westmount Apartments, Metropolitan Station Approach in Watford between June 21st and 22nd.

Paintwork was scratched and windscreens smashed – and unfortunately for the drivers involved, there were no CCTV cameras set up to catch the perpetrators.

PC Kev Ball was quoted by the news source as saying: “This senseless series of vandalism has left several motorists with hefty repair bills and they are understandably upset about what has happened. So far we have received 12 reports but further vehicles may also have been damaged.”

Unfortunately, car insurance claims for vandalism are not uncommon, particularly in areas of high crime. According to, the average repair costs come to £700 – so drivers would be wise to be aware of this when parking their car in a public place.

Even if you’re not to blame for your car being vandalised, your insurance company will typically treat it as an at-fault claim – because they can’t recoup the costs from the actual guilty party. As such, it’s likely you’ll lose some if not all of your no-claims discount as a result.

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