Should MOTs Be Based On Mileage?

A significant number of drivers would back MOTs being based on mileage, a new survey has found. The Daily Mail reported on research from Allianz, which found that 82 per cent of drivers would support MOTs being based on the mileage of the car.

Essentially, this system would involve a vehicle’s MOT being calculated in a similar way to the service intervals issued by manufacturers.

The survey comes as the government’s consultation on whether to extend a car’s first MOT from three to four years ended, with strong opposition from both the motoring industry and drivers.

Head of motor insurance at Allianz UK Jonathan Dye explained that there needs to be a legal test to ensure vehicles remain in a roadworthy condition.

“Servicing could mitigate some of these issues but it isn’t as robust as a legal requirement to maintain the vehicle in roadworthy condition,” he stated.

There are issues with switching to a mileage-based MOT though, not least that it will be very difficult for the DVSA to police.

Cars that aren’t driven for extended periods of time may not meet the mileage requirements, but some parts can perish over time and therefore may be unsafe.

Earlier this month the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders conducted a survey which found that 75 per cent of drivers are opposed to MOTs on new vehicles starting after four years instead of three, with 68 per cent stating they felt delaying the annual safety assessment would put people at risk.

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