Motor Incidents Rise By 57% Due To Bad Weather

The extreme weather the UK has been experiencing over the last week has led to an increase in the number of motor accidents.

Research from Co-op Insurance has reminded drivers of the importance of getting regular car servicing in Uxbridge, showing a 57 per cent rise in the number of incidents on Wednesday February 28th compared with the previous week.

This is likely to be down to the heavy snowfall, freezing temperatures and strong winds that have swept across the country over the last few days, causing hazardous conditions for motorists.

Head of Motor Insurance at the Co-op Nick Ansley said: “Our advice during this time to follow the guidance from emergency services and local authorities and to only drive when absolutely necessary.”

Over 50s insurer SunLife has also urged travellers to stay safe on the road while Storm Emma continues.

Simon Stanney, general insurance director at the financial services provider, advised drivers to “only venture out if you have to”.

Those who have to drive should “prepare for the worst” by planning their route carefully, giving themselves plenty of time to de-ice and re-fuel the car, and making sure lights are clean before setting off.

Motorists have also been advised to pack blankets and waterproof layers, refreshments, water, medication, dry shoes, a fully charged phone, a shovel, jumper leads, de-icer fluids and a first aid kit just in case they get stuck and need any of these items.

SunLife also told drivers to make sure they can see through their windows and clear the snow off their roofs before setting off so they have good visibility in the windscreen.

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