Motoring Issues Highlighted Ahead Of General Election

As anyone who’s recently booked their MOT will know, maintaining a car can be an expensive business. Drivers get hit by all manner of charges and taxes, and now the RAC has put together a list of issues it would like the government to address following the General Election in June.

Top of the list is to make sure the road investment strategy goes ahead as planned. The first investment totalled £15 billion and is designed to improve journey times and alleviate congestion on key roads, but particularly motorways.

The second road investment strategy is currently planned for 2021 and the RAC is calling for its funding to be protected.

Working to improve air quality is also a priority, but the RAC warned that any strategy to cut pollution from traffic needs to be “fair – notably towards owners of diesel cars who were encouraged to switch to the fuel by previous governments”.

With the cost of owning a car seeming to increase consistently at present, drivers will no doubt also welcome the RAC’s focus on preventing further tax increases, either at the pump or through insurance premium tax.

Given that the AA’s latest Fuel Price Report found that petrol prices are 118.9p per litre on average around the UK, but are likely to climb above the 120p per litre mark in the coming weeks, any move to limit fuel price rises will be welcome.

The motoring organisation also pointed out that oil prices have fallen by 60 per cent in the past five years, but that wholesale prices have only dropped by 40 per cent in the same period.

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