Men Paying £144 More For Car Insurance

Research from and Willis Towers Watson published in the Financial Times has found that male motorists are paying on average £144 more than women each year.

This is despite the fact car insurance companies were banned from basing their prices on the consumer’s gender in 2012 as part of an EU directive.

There are other ways insurers can look at a motorist and their vehicle and decide how much to charge, with the type of vehicle and the number of convictions an individual has to be used to value their insurance.

However, men tend to have more driving convictions and they tend to drive more powerful cars than females.

It is not all bad news, though, as men in the 17-24 age bracket – which was historically the most expensive group to insure – have seen their car insurance shrink in price by 40 per cent.

On the other side of the coin, men in their early 40s are now paying around £97 more each year.

Overall, car insurance premiums are rising steadily.

Louise O’Shea, chief executive of, was quoted by the newspaper as saying: “I think prices will continue to go up. The costs for insurers are increasing in terms of the cost of claims. If you have an accident, the cost of fixing the car and the cost of fixing yourself is more expensive.”

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