Incidents Of Car Vandalism Climbing

The number of cases of vandalism to people’s vehicles has increased over the past three years, The Sun recently reported.

Citing figures from the police force, the newspaper noted that over 200,000 cars were reported to have been deliberately scratched, had their wing mirrors broken, had their tyres slashed or had their windscreen wipers snapped in 2016 alone.

However, the RAC warned that this may not be the true figure, as many drivers prefer to pay to rectify damage themselves, rather than making an insurance claim and risking premium hikes for years to come.

RAC insurance director Marc Godfrey described vandalism as “one of the most frustrating and annoying crimes”, adding that there’s very little that drivers can do to prevent it.

His advice is to park in well-used places during the day, and at night to “go for well-lit streets away from pubs and clubs if at all possible”.

This could be even more important at this time of the year when the dark mornings and nights can make it easier for vandals to cause damage without being spotted.

Of course, vandalism isn’t the only thing you may need to worry about at this time of the year, with colder weather making driver more challenging and potentially more dangerous.

The Lancashire Post recently offered some advice for drivers on how to get their vehicles ready for the chillier weather. This included making sure screenwash is topped up, checking that your battery is working properly and having your car serviced at the start of the winter.

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