How Can You Be Safer On The Roads?

Despite people’s best efforts and ever-improving safety features in vehicles, there are still many fatal road accidents in the UK each year. Many of these could be avoided by simple changes to behaviour, and not just when you’re behind the wheel.

The Huffington Post recently suggested three ways in which drivers can make the roads safer for everyone and top of the list was keeping on top of car maintenance.

Booking your vehicle in for regular car servicing in Uxbridge may not seem like a priority, but ensuring your car is in the best possible condition could help save lives, according to the news provider.

“The journey to safer roads begins with ensuring that every moving car is in good condition,” the website states. As well as making use of your mechanic’s expertise for more complex jobs, you should also keep on top of tasks such as oil checks, tyre pressure and keeping an eye on other fluid levels.

Exceeding the speed limit is also a major cause of accidents, with the Huffington Post citing a survey that found 13.9 per cent of road accidents are as a result of people exceeding the speed limit.

The final tip for drivers is to make sure you’re properly concentrating when you’re driving and not just going through the motions. When you’re on a journey that you do all the time it can be easy for your mind to wander, but you need to give your full concentration to the road ahead of you to ensure you react quickly to anything unexpected.

Another good reason to carry out regular car maintenance is that failing to do so could invalidate your insurance. According to Uswitch, failing to get your vehicle regularly serviced could be an expensive mistake if you ever need to make an insurance claim.

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