Forgetting Car Maintenance Could Invalidate Your Insurance

If you’ve been putting off booking car servicing in Hillingdon for a few weeks or even months, now is probably the time to get your auto to the garage, with a price comparison site revealing the top ten mistakes drivers make that can invalidate their insurance.

In at number three on the Uswitch list is putting off car maintenance, with just over one-fifth (21 per cent) of drivers admitting they don’t always take their car for a service when they should.

Another thing that could invalidate your insurance is failing to get the MOT renewed on time, with 16 per cent of motorists revealing they’ve forgotten the renewal date for this vital road safety check in the past.

The top mistakes people make that could affect an insurance claim are driving in high heels or flip flops (25 per cent) and leaving their car unlocked (24 per cent).

Insurance expert at Uswitch Rod Jones commented: “With claims now running into thousands of pounds, people can’t afford to make a careless mistake that could invalidate their cover and leave them out of pocket.”

As well as taking your vehicle to be regularly serviced, it’s worth checking its condition on your own to make sure there’s nothing simple that needs to be fixed. Flux magazine recently highlighted some of the most common issues with tyres, some of which you can fix yourself.

They included making sure your tyres are at the right pressure, checking their alignment and keeping an eye out for any cracks in the rubber.

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