How Far Could You Drive On A Single Tank?

Given the price of fuel, it’s likely that you’re trying to be as economical as possible with your driving. But how far can you go on a full tank in your car?

BBC transport correspondent Paul Clifton recently set a new record after managing to drive from Land’s End in Cornwall to John O’Groats in Scotland on a single tank of fuel in a Honda Jazz. The AA provided support for the drive, ensuring that if they failed to go the distance that they’d have back up.

However, the team managed to cover the 844 miles from Cornwall to the tip of Scotland on the nine gallons of fuel in the Jazz’s tank, with Mr Clifton explaining that driving uninterrupted at 40 mph was the “sweet spot” for fuel economy.

He added that they left Cornwall at 2pm in the afternoon to enable them to pass the likes of Manchester and Birmingham in the early hours of the morning when traffic would be at its lightest.

On the journey the Honda Jazz achieved 94 miles to the gallon (mpg), an impressive feat given that the official fuel economy of this model is 56 mpg.

While this is a great example of how driving in an economical way can save you fuel, and therefore money, it’s not practical for most of us to drive in a way that realises such incredible fuel consumption.

Making sure you book in for regular car servicing in Uxbridge may also help you get more from your vehicle, as all the parts will be working efficiently after a service.

Drivers will know though that the high cost of fuel makes it a challenge to run a car affordably these days.

The RAC recently urged fuel retailers to pass the lower cost of wholesale fuel onto consumers, noting that the price of oil has been below $50 a barrel since the beginning of June, which means petrol prices could be cut by up to 2p per litre, while diesel prices could fall by up to 4p per litre.

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