What Does The Election Hold For Car Owners?

Once you have got the best car maintenance training Uxbridge has to offer, then think about how you can protect yourself against future possible changes for motorists, that may occur after the upcoming election.

Car emissions come top of the list of concerns for the major political parties, not surprisingly with recent news revealing that homebuyers are concerned about the amount of pollution near their homes.

The levels of pollution have been of concern in our cities for some time now, and since the scandal regarding emissions data for diesel cars was revealed, these have become a target for political parties, keen to show they want to protect the public.

Both Conservatives and Labour pledge to tackle car emissions, with The Conservatives pledging to ensure all cars and vans are zero emission by 2050.

The Labour party tackles the emissions from public transport, promising to retrofit technology to reduce the pollution caused by busses running on diesel.

The Liberal Democrats go much further than the other parties, pledging to scrap all diesel vehicles by 2025, in a bid to minimise the pollution from these vehicles.

In a surprising move towards improving the likelihood of autonomous cars, both Labour and The Conservatives are calling for increased 5G coverage across the UK, which is necessary for driverless cars to operate.

The Conservative party is also pledging to improve industries that are important to the economies, and list car manufacture as high up that list. Expect cash injections or incentives to buy British in the future, if they win in June.

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