Drivers ‘Unaware Of Their Vehicle’s Emissions Class’

Just weeks after the introduction of London’s T-Charge emissions tax, figures have shown that the majority of drivers are still unaware of their vehicle’s emissions category, with no set resource from which to seek information.

A recent study by breakdown firm the RAC has shown that 64 per cent of motorists are unsure about which category their vehicle fits into in terms of emissions, while more than a third haven’t heard of the Euro emissions classification system.

What’s more, there is no single source of information about emissions standards, the RAC states, which means that millions of drivers have no easy way of knowing how they may be affected by the future rollout of clean air zones in the UK.

RAC spokesman Rod Dennis described the current situation as “unacceptable”.

“As councils across the UK develop plans to tackle harmful emissions on a local level, we expect millions of drivers will want to find out the Euro emissions category of their vehicle – and the natural place to look will be on the official GOV.UK website.”

However, such information is not easy to come by; Mr Dennis said that the RAC’s website had seen increased traffic levels recently from people trying to find out relevant information about the Euro emissions system.

He urged the government to establish a specific source of information to answer motorists’ questions and provide the necessary details.

The recently introduced T-Charge sees drivers of older, more polluting vehicles charged £10 per day to drive into central London, on top of the £11.50 daily congestion charge.

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  • Elina watson
    November 17, 2017, 9:42 am REPLY

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