Drivers Given Advice On How To Survive The Cold Snap

Britain has been hit by plummeting temperatures this week as the ‘Beast from the East’ has descended upon most of the UK. However, with many of us still having to use our cars during the freezing conditions, it is important we know how to stay safe on the roads.

Nick Ansley, Co-op Insurance’s head of motor, has given some advice on protecting against any accidents as snowy conditions continue throughout the week.

He insisted drivers ascertain that their vehicle is roadworthy first, by removing snow on the windscreens and mirrors, checking tyres and wipers, and making sure there is enough petrol, oil and water in the vehicle.

Motorists may also want to consider car servicing in Hillingdon to ensure theirs is safe to drive in these severe weather conditions.

A servicing package will change your anti-freeze, transmission oil and brake fluid so you can be confident your car is fully equipped to survive hazardous circumstances.

Mr Ansley also reminded drivers not to go too fast on the roads, saying: “Speed limit signs mean maximum speed – if there’s ice on the roads, you really need to take extra care and consider your speed.”

Additionally, low winter sunlight is a particular problem at this type of the year, as it can impair vision. Therefore, drivers could wear sunglasses to enable them to see clearly, with Mr Ansley also suggesting to take time at junctions before pulling out.

Leaving enough space between vehicles is essential, he added, stating: “If you need to slow down, it will take longer for your car to do so.”

The insurance expert finally reminded motorists to always have a bottle of water, snacks and a blanket in the event they break down in a remote location.

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