Changes Introduced To UK Driving Test

The driving test in the UK has changed, as of Monday 4 December 2017, with new elements being introduced to the exam and other parts taken out.

There were four major changes announced by the UK’s Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) back in October, which have now come into effect. Among them is that the independent driving section of the test will now last for 20 minutes instead of ten, and students will also have to follow direction from a sat nav during their exam.

Reversing manoeuvres, such as reverse around a corner and turn in the road, have been removed from the test altogether, instead being replaced by more common challenges for drivers such as parking in a marked bay and reversing at the side of the road before rejoining traffic.

Examiners will also ask candidates two vehicle safety questions during their test. One will involve getting the student to describe how they would carry out a basic vehicle safety check before the driving element of the exam begins, while the other will see the examiner ask the student to show them a simple safety task while driving, such as cleaning their windscreen.

The aim of the new practical driving test is to ensure that all new drivers are safe when they are allowed to take to the roads alone, and understand the importance of carrying out regular safety checks on their vehicles.

Of course, you can’t do everything yourself, so you’ll also need to find a garage you trust for regular car servicing in Hillingdon to keep your motor in top condition.

Sat navs, which are featuring in the test for the first time, can cause issues – especially among younger drivers, the AA recently warned.

According to the motoring organisation, seven per cent of drivers aged 18-24 ‘race’ their sat nav and try to beat the ETA it gives for a route.

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