Car Insurance Rules Change

Make sure you get the best car services Uxbridge has to offer as the rules for write off insurance have changed.

The previous categories of C and D have been replaced with two new classifications – S and N, as of 1 October. These have been created to reflect the nature, rather than commercial cost, of the damage.

Previously C and D were used for cars that had sustained damage that would cost more than the value of the car to fix it.

The new S and N categories will include cars that can still be returned to the road. Categories A and B already refer to vehicles that were not to be returned to the road, and this categorisation has not been changed.

The changes have been brought in in order to both prevent unsafe vehicles being put on the road, and to deter people from making false insurance claims. It is also hoped that the changes will provide more insight into the nature of the damage that is being sustained on the road.

“These steps will not only protect the public further through the additional safeguards preventing unsafe vehicles returning to the road but also help to detect and deter criminal activity” said DAC Graham McNulty.

If you need some emergency work done on your car after an accident then get in touch with us and we can help you assess the damage. We can also help you service your car and make sure it is safe for the road to prevent accidents.

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