Breakdowns Caused By Potholes Up

The number of breakdown calls attended by the RAC as a result of potholes increased in the first quarter of this year, compared to the same period in 2016.

According to the motoring organisation, the number of pothole-related breakdowns was up 65 per cent year-on-year, with common issues including damaged shock absorbers, distorted wheels and broken suspension rings.

The RAC added that it’s surprising there has been such an increase in this cause of problems for drivers, given that the winter has been so mild. Usually the problems presented by potholes are exacerbated by cold weather and heavy rain, neither of which have been prevalent this winter.

Experiencing this kind of damage to your vehicle could present you with an unplanned garage bill, which may mean you need to find car repair finance in Uxbridge to cover the cost of fixing your vehicle.

David Bizley, RAC chief engineer, said the findings were “very concerning” given that we’ve had a comparatively mild winter this year.

While he welcomed the level of investment in the UK’s major roads at present, he warned that local authorities face an uphill struggle to “bring local roads back into a state that is fit for purpose”.

A recent survey by the AA found that 76 per cent of motorists believe potholes should be repaired within a week, while 18 per cent believe it should only take 24 hours for road defects to be fixed.

In reality, it can take councils months to repair potholes that are deemed to be less serious, causing issues for both drivers and cyclists.

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