• Speeding Leads To 20,000 Casualties A Year

    Drivers are not taking enough care on the roads as recent research has shown that 20,000 people are injured a year due to speeding accidents. Car servicing in Hillingdon can ensure vehicles are in the best condition. However, the responsibility lies with the motorist when it comes to driving too fast and ignoring speed limits

  • New Diesel Car Taxes Come Into Force

    The best car servicing Uxbridge has to offer can’t save you from the new diesel car taxes which will see some motorists face taxes of up to £500 more than they paid last year. The new car taxes will come into force at the beginning of April and yet, nine out of ten drivers don’t

  • Motor Incidents Rise By 57% Due To Bad Weather

    The extreme weather the UK has been experiencing over the last week has led to an increase in the number of motor accidents. Research from Co-op Insurance has reminded drivers of the importance of getting regular car servicing in Uxbridge, showing a 57 per cent rise in the number of incidents on Wednesday February 28th


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