• One In Four Drivers Crash New Car

    When you buy a new car, you’re probably excited to get behind the wheel and take your new motor for a spin. But drivers should be cautious, after a survey revealed that many people are involved in accidents shortly after purchasing a new vehicle. Motoring Research shared the findings of an Admiral Insurance survey, which

  • Will Your Family Car Be Incompatible With E10?

    You might well have heard of the new E10 fuel that is now being sold alongside the traditional offerings of unleaded petrol and diesel in some parts of the world… but it’s possible that the car you currently have may well be incompatible with this new biofuel and using it could actually damage its engine.

  • What Do You Think About Behind The Wheel?

    We all know that our mind can wander when we’re behind the wheel, but what do you think about when you’re driving? New research from The AA has found that just 30 per cent of drivers think about nothing but driving while they’re in the car. One of the things that most of us worry

  • How To Ensure Your Car Retains Its Value

    We all know that as soon as you drive your new car off the garage forecourt, its value plummets. But even though how much you can resell it for will be lower than what you paid for it, there are ways to help ensure it doesn’t lose too much of its value too quickly. The

  • The Heatwave Isn’t Done With Us Yet, Apparently!

    If you spend a lot of time driving around and about, whether for work or pleasure, it might be wise to take your vehicle to your local Uxbridge garage for air con servicing as it seems that the mercury is set to rise yet again… so expect lots more hot weather before autumn rolls around.

  • Driving ‘Actively Makes You Sleepy’, Finds Study

    There’s a lot of boring, but necessary admin that comes with driving – something you’ll know when you have to sit in a MOT garage in Uxbridge every year to keep your car on the road. But, it seems that all this paperwork isn’t the only yawn that comes with driving – driving itself actually

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