AA Issues Warning Ahead Of Summer Holidays

The AA has warned drivers to make sure their cars are ready for any long journeys over the summer holidays.

With the schools breaking up thousands of us are expected to hit the roads as we travel to visit friends and family, or for a fun summer holiday around the UK. But John Snowling, AA patrol of the year, warned people to take the same care preparing their vehicles for long journeys in the summer as they do in the winter.

He said that it’s particularly important to check your tyres in the summer months to make sure they’re in good condition.

“Worn tyres are not only more likely to suffer a blow-out, especially in high temperatures, but in the event of a sharp summer downpour a worn tyre is likely to aquaplane,” Mr Snowling explained.

Sourcing new tyres in Hillingdon may therefore be on your to-do list before you pack your car up and head off on your summer holiday with your family.

As well as checking the performance of your vehicle, you should also think about the comfort of all the occupants in your car. It’s easy for the inside of a car to heat up well above the outside air temperature, so you should never leave children or pets in your vehicle when it’s stationary, even for short periods.

Providing shade and water for youngsters and dogs is also recommended, to help ensure they stay hydrated and have some respite from the summer heat on a journey.

Car insurer Admiral recently advised drivers to be particularly careful if they’re going to be taking their vehicles overseas, noting that it has seen a significant rise in the number of overseas insurance claims it’s having to deal with in the past five

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