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5 Common Tyre Problems You Need To Know

If your cars tyres are beginning to show sign of wear and tear, you should be looking into the best car tyres Hillingdon has to offer, but general wear isn’t the only problem that means you should be replacing your tyres. Take a look at this list of common tyre problems from Flux magazine and be in the know on your car’s tyre safety.

One thing you should be regularly monitoring is the tyre pressure, ensuring it is correct for the make and model of your vehicle. Having tyres that are over inflated or under inflated can both causing many health and safety problem when you’re out on the roads. If tyres are over inflated you won’t be able to gain as much control over your car and if they’re under inflated your vehicle will use more petrol which will cost you more. This should be checked at regular intervals, as well as before long journeys.

You should also keep an eye out for cracks that may appear on the side of your tyres, as this could cause a blow out if driving at high speed. If you do notice cracks get a professional to check them over as soon as possible or simply have the tyre in question replaced.

If you feel that your car has become less responsive and you have less control, or if the steering feels as though it is tugging in one direction, it’s possible that your tyres are not correctly aligned. This would require a professional garage to take a look and assess what should be done to fix them.

Excessive tyre bulging could mean that you have unknowingly hit an obstruction which has caused damage to the interior of the tyre, again seek a professional to offer advice.

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